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Christmas Present Recommendations (for geeks and golfers)

That lovely time of year is with us again where we have to worry about what presents to buy for each other. I thought it might be a good idea to give you a round up of the good gadgets and things I've bought this year that I'd be happy to recommend to you so that you can request it or get it for someone else - and then use it yourself! :-)

I've also tagged 5 people at the end as well as I could do with some ideas myself, so if those I've tagged - or anybody else for that matter - can recommend 5 things then leave a link!


1, Bose SoundDock


I try to listen to as many pod casts as possible. I love relaxing in a hot bath catching up on the pod casts rather than trying to keep up with a ton of rss feeds. The speaker(s) on this SoundDock is awesome as well which makes listening to music great. And of course if you have a laptop and like moving around the house to work the portable SoundDock version can move with you! Also if books aren't for you get a subscription to Audible so you can listen to audiobooks instead.

2, Sky Caddie


This is an idea for the geek and golfer! I've just been given this by Sophie for my birthday and although I've only used it a couple of times it is a great gadget. It uses GPS and can tell you how far you are away from the green, hazzards, and distances to your favorite layup distances. There are more expensive versions available but the only difference I've been able to find are they can hold more courses on the SkyCaddie at once and have a slightly larger and colour screen. Considering you can only play one course at a time I didn't think the extra outlay was worth it so the basic model is just fine.

3, How to win friends and influence people


This year I finally got round to reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. It had been on my recommendation list at Amazon for ages but to be honest I thought it was a relatively new book written by some new age nut out of a tent. I guess I couldn't have been more wrong! Originally published in the 1930's this book is an absolute classic. If you haven't read it yet - don't make the same mistake I did - get it right away. I've even bought it on Audio Book now to listen to again and again.

4, Bose Noise Canceling headphones


For someone who does a lot of flying I think these are a worthwhile investment - especially if you are traveling in cattle class like me! :) After wearing them for a while on a flight - if you remove them you'll think there's a problem with the plane as the engines are so loud!

The one problem you may find - they are great at removing ambient noise, but if you find yourself next to people having a conversation - because the ambient noise is gone their actual voices are louder and sometimes difficult to ignore. Overall though a very positive purchase.


5, Harvey Penicks Little Red Golf Book


I bought a ton of golf books - and the best one I've found is the smallest and shortest! Sure there is a time to get into deep technical analysis of your golf swing but for most of us we just want to know the basic good practice and swing habits to be getting into. This book is the one to help you - get it!

Give me ideas

So these are the 5 people I am tagging

Rob Foster
Andrew Connell
Spencer Harbar
Chris O'Brien
Brett Lonsdale

Give me some ideas!

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# re: Christmas Present Recommendations (for geeks and golfers)

I really want one of these if you (and Santa) are feeling generous?
11/24/2008 11:23 AM | Andy

# re: Christmas Present Recommendations (for geeks and golfers)

I have the same Bose headphones and on planes (and at home to drown out the next door kid's practising) they are fine.

BUT I find I need to take at least one other pair of headphones with me when I go on a several weeks' trip because

a) they only work as headphones with the power switched on (thus using up the batteries)

b) with some pieces of equipment they give a buzzing sound forcing you to turn up the loudness level to drown it.

In my case both the TV in the hotel and the Archos device I had with me were annoying to use with the Bose headphones and I went out and bought a reasonably priced pair of Sennheisers to use for the rest of the stay (and used the Bose again on the plane back).

So now - as I'm all for the noise-reducing aspect I'm looking at some Sennheiser noice-reducing headphones because they will also work with noise-reduction turned off and that - I am sure - was causing the buzzing effect. Next time hopefully with those in my luggage I won't have to go out and buy a reserve set of headphones (again).

11/24/2008 12:56 PM | Mike Walsh

# re: Christmas Present Recommendations (for geeks and golfers)

Here you go! Those QC3's rock! I couldn't work without mine!
11/25/2008 5:07 AM | Rob Foster

# re: Christmas Present Recommendations (for geeks and golfers)

You gotta get one of these Nick;

If it can transform my putting from downright embarrassing into something vaguely approaching acceptable then it has to be good!
11/27/2008 12:00 AM | Matt Taylor

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