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MVP Summit, SharePoint Podshow and UK Best Practice Conference Roundup

It’s been a hectic few weeks with work, travel and fun!

First off was the MVP summit in Seattle. The conference was on for 3 days but I booked a 9 day stay in Seattle to take some days to chill and play some golf. If anybody is visiting Seattle make sure you visit The Golf Club at Newcastle and play a round. Awesome views of Seattle off the first tee and a great way to get over jet lag. Usually when suffering from jet lag I don’t play very well but I did OK this time which got the week off to a great start.

After golf we got together on Sunday for the annual SharePoint MVP paintball. This year I didn’t have a hangover so there was no sickness incident. The day was a lot of fun and I think I got off lightly compared to some of the bruises others were showing off the next day.

The highlight of the week was being able to record some interviews with Rob Foster for the SharePoint Podshow. Usually we do the interviews separately and then record the intros and outro’s together in our remote locations. We managed to get some great interviews and it was really cool being able to punch Rob whenever he started laughing or talking too much!

Adam and Shane covered the skills needed to Administer a SharePoint farm.

Ivan Wilson talked about the SharePoint deployments he’s worked on in Australia.

We finally caught up with Spencer for a good chat about the challenges in deploying SharePoint on a large scale.

There’s a final interview to post up with the New Zealand MVPs which will be posted within the next few days – I’ll post a link to it when it’s ready.

We’ve got enough interviews in the store to last us a couple of weeks but then the SharePoint Best Practice event in taking place in London, UK! This is the first time Brett, Rob and I will all be together to record some stuff which will be a lot of fun. We’ll no doubt have a chance to grab the presenters to interview about various SharePoint topics, but if you are attending and want to talk to us about what you’ve been up to drop us an email at

As well as recording lots of shows Rob and I are doing two great sessions:

BA403 - Assessing the Business Value of SharePoint--How to ensure you are choosing the right approach to solve your business problems

IW308 - The Business Data Catalog in theory and practise

The other sessions will be good – but of course, ours will be the best – so make sure you attend them!

So if you’re in Europe this will be the *only* SharePoint conference to attend this year near by.

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